About Us


Opening since January 2012, Park Village Rama II is a Lifestyle Center and Residence serving customers seeking high quality and active lifestyles in the Rama II area. The combination of lifestyle restaurants, shopping, and activities will appeal to the premium customers seeking an alternative lifestyle destination with convenient accessibility. In addition to serving its customers, the center will improve the health and beauty of the surrounding area, create jobs for the local community, and have the investment and revenues required to create a lasting improvement to the local community.

S.T. Thammaporn Company Limited is development company located in Bang Khun Thain, Bangkok. Our aim is to develop communities and our group has gifted land holdings to build public roads, a community health center, the city hall and many other government buildings in the area and thus, had a large impact to the community’s development. As such, S.T. Thammaporn Company Limited is a reflection of our long-standing heritage as members of the community, leaders, and developers.

For over 30 years now, our primary business has been land ownership and development, with significant past projects including connecting local roads, co-founding Nakornthon Hospital, developing the Sutjitnivate housing village, and the latest high profile project, Park Village Rama II.